Reasons to Hire a Mobile Bar

drinking party

A mobile bar is becoming increasingly popular at weddings, and at parties celebrating a wedding anniversary or any other special occasion.
Over time, those looking to hire a mobile bar have a variety of choice and quality not previously seen. If you are considering a mobile bar for your wedding, birthday party, hen or corporate event, here are some reasons to hire a mobile bar.

Additional bar services

A mobile bar can take the strain off an indoor bar, by offering an alternative location for drinks. This is particularly useful if your event is covering a large area or involves a large number of guests as it keeps waiting times to a minimum.
Also, you will be hiring not just the bar, but charismatic and experienced bartenders for all types of private and corporate events to help your party go with a swing.

Specialist or selection

Mobile bars can specialise in one type of drink, perhaps a wide range of whiskey from both Scotland and Ireland; a cocktail bar or a selection of drinks from sodas to champagne to lager and ales.
As a mobile bar you can be assured that cocktails are made using the freshest ingredients and that everyone will walk away from the bar with a smile and a tasty drink. This is a specialist service that you can have confidence in, as all you need comes in one fully organised package.

Al fresco experience

Planning a party in spring or summer, particularly if it is for a wedding is always a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. You can set up a professional, organised and fully staffed mobile bar in an outdoor area at your venue, in the garden or in a marquee.
A mobile bar means that you are not restricted to a venue or room, so it can be located where you think it works best, and if it begins to rain on the terrace or outside lawn, you can move to a covered area and still deliver the goods.

Photo memories

Have fun behind the bar yourself, posing with your bespoke cocktail to mark your special day, or pulling your first pint. There are lots of photographic opportunities for you and your guests. Many events are planned around a specific theme, whether a colour scheme, a particular style or a particular decade.
Hire a natural wooden bar or a classy champagne bar to extend that theme, with cocktails to match your theme or colour. You can also request a particular dress code or colour for the bar staff. All these will enhance the character of your event.

Evening entertainment

Having a mobile bar turn up in the evening is a new highlight for those who may have been at earlier wedding celebrations. This makes those arriving just for the evening reception feel special and adds a new buzz for everyone attending.
You can personalise the bar with your favourite brands and cocktails to create your own menu. Add your wedding monogram or for corporate events, your own branding to reinforce your company’s image and increase brand awareness to buyers.

Affordable and cost-effective

Hire a mobile bar and you can choose what you spend. Options include a pre-paid bar so guests all drink for free, you can put a tab behind the bar, allow guests to buy their own drinks, or a combination of those options.
With mobile bars, the price of drinks is competitive and is usually lower than club/hotel/bar prices.